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Things To Consider When Buying AntiVirus Software

In corporate environments, information has a critical value, so skimping the resources used to protect our computers against external threats (viruses, Trojans, malware) is never a good idea.

In this sense, we all know that especially in systems that use some of the versions of Windows, it is essential to have a good antivirus. However, enterprise antivirus programs must comply with some conditions that are not usually found in domestic environments.
Currently, there are many security solution providers that want to reach the SME market, which has become one of the sweetest for software developers. However, before deciding on one or the other, we must consider some essential requirements that must be met by any antivirus suitable for the SME.

Betting on commercial solutions

Although there are free antivirus programs available on the Internet (many of which offer more than decent performance) in terms of computer security software, it is always better to opt for the commercial options of recognized manufacturers that provide us with a support service in case that we need

Recognized manufacturers

Although there are dozens of suppliers developing security software, it is always advisable to work with solutions from well-known companies that have worldwide coverage.

Many companies only have presence in some countries; this implies that they hardly monitor a global network of computer threats, and in addition, they take longer to generate updates for their brand’s tools. In addition, many smaller manufacturers use the antivirus engines of other developers, for example: F-Secure uses the Kaspersky engine.

Corporate scope applications

Generally, the main manufacturers of IT security offer two ranges of their solutions; versions for domestic users, and those of the corporate or corporate type. Although the versions for home users meet practically any of the requirements that may arise in a small SME, if we install them in a somewhat more complex corporate environment (LAN networks, etc.) they will not fulfill their function correctly since they are not designed to adapt to these types of environments.

The importance of technical support

Most SMEs do not have their own systems department, so the fact that our security software provider has a customer service department and support in conditions, is of vital importance in case it occurs. some incidence If a manufacturing company does not offer a good support scheme included in the license, it is not a highly recommended provider

Value added in the distribution

Generally, the large software manufacturers work under the scheme of certified local distributors for marketing, installation and customer service. If your organization does not have its own technician or systems department, it is highly recommended that you select a tool from a manufacturer that has a certified distributor close to your company’s offices; thus, the installation and support procedures on site will be accessible.

Multiplatform environments

The computing infrastructure of a company is composed of multiple PCs, servers, and other devices. Many of them do not share the same operating system, therefore, it is convenient if this is our case, to select a provider that can offer us a complete coverage, for each one of the devices in our network. It is not advisable to have solutions from different manufacturers working together in different segments of the company’s network, since among them they can be identified as security risks and violate the total security of the organization’s network

Wide catalog

Related to the previous point, when we select a specific manufacturer, we must consider that probably in the future and depending on the needs of the company, we need to add more security tools that complement the initial antivirus application with which we will count. For this reason, it is advisable to select a provider that has a wide range of available tools and applications that have antispam, backup and restore solutions, security for mobile devices, etc.

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