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Does an Apple Mac Need Virus Software

There is no need for antivirus on Mac is the consensus, since viruses are .exe files impossible to read for a Mac. And yet in 2012, at least 600,000 macs were infected by the Trojan flashback, only a few months after the MacDefender malware. So, does it need an antivirus or not? What is the default protection level?

Why Macs do not need an antivirus:

We all know people who have had unprotected Macs for years without any apparent problems. This is also my case.There are more Windows users in the world than Mac (we wonder why?), And the bad guys are more naturally going where there are more users and more money to win.What’s more, OSX’s Unix kernel is inherently harder to crack than Windows. Even if a malware accesses a Mac, it is impossible to go to the heart of the machine.Since Mountain Lion (10.8), by default Macs do not accept software installation outside those of the App Store. However, it is possible (and necessary) to change this setting to install software out of the App Store Finally, they are no longer delivered with Flash and Java plug-ins whose installation of fake updates are an important source of infection.

OSX includes by default a security utility called XProtect that runs in the background and that we do not control anything through the front end. Advanced users can, however, write a script that triggers a notification every time XProtect is updated.

Why Macs need an antivirus:

One of the web experts about Mac security recently found that XProtect failed to detect 8 of the viruses it tested. If your Mac runs an outdated version of OSX, you do not get the latest security patches from Apple, and your computer is vulnerable!In September 2014 was discovered a Unix flaw called Shellshock Bash, inside the component that manages the command lines. This flaw affecting all Unix systems and therefore mac OS, for example allowed someone malicious intent to take control of your Macbook, or connect to your router and start your surveillance camera wi-fi to spy on you.

Another worrying phenomenon, the number of phishing attempts are increasing, personally this is what scares me the most. Some hackers exploit javascript flaws to reveal their own forms, even on online banking sites. Those who fill out these fake forms do not realize that their data is being recovered by the “hacker” who will try to get as much money as possible.

According to this study by Kapersky, 37.3 million users suffered phishing (phishing) attacks between 2011 and 2013. Although no country is on the list of the most targeted countries, the fact that it is a phenomenon in sharp increase is to be considered.
Usage for which the use of an antivirus is recommended:

For non-professional use at home, the risk – although present – is very minimal, and it is not essential to install an antivirus. Scan the system disk from time to time with Avira or Clamxav will be sufficient.

For a company that has a network that connects both PCs and Macs, PC Advisor recommends using an antivirus for “peace of mind.”If Windows is running on a virtual machine, David Spark of MacPowerUser recommends an antivirus to avoid passing malicious software from one machine to another. Finally, for those who are fond of free software or who want zero risk, antivirus is the solution.

Compared performance of mac antiviruses:

In a test run by AV-TEST, the same 7GB of data was copied multiple times comparing the time of copying between that of the Mac without antivirus and that of the same Mac with each antivirus. This is to measure which antivirus affected the least CPU resources.

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